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Please see below copies of the 2023 Presentations for download. Please click on the name of the presentation which will then download and show in the "downloads" folder on your PC. 

Thursday 31 August Presentations
Current Statutory Reforms - how they will impact on survey professionals and their clients - Presented by Duncan Laing
Charting a course through a career in Hydro - Presented by Brad Cooper
The Line between Land and Sea - Using JLAS to define Coastlines - Presented by Jennifer Coppola, Annette Wilkinson and Stacey Spooner

Friday 1 September Presentations
Rising to the Infrastructure Challenge - Presented by Geoff Cooper 
Construction and Dissection of a PI Policy wording - Presented by Glenn Stone of GSI Partners
Kairūri Community Trust Scholarship Winner  - The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Surveying and Spatial Industry, Presented by Sam Thompson
A chronical of human cohabitation –  Presented by Riki Cambridge
How do you make it fit? - Presented by Michelle Fletcher
Subdivision Governance - Making Decisions on Structure - Presented by Thomas Gibbons

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