130th S+SNZ Annual Conference 2019

S+SNZ Conference Presentation to High Schoolers



Part 1 - The Kaikoura Rebuild  


Part 2 - Waterview Tunnel



10th May




To give a quick feel for the type of work that a surveyor or spatial scientist might undertake and the technologies used.  We want to answer questions such as:


What do these professionals actually do?  

How come there is almost 100% employment?  

What high school subjects help?   

Where is technology taking us?   

How does this all come together in monitoring and rebuilding after a natural disaster?


These sessions will be relevant, dynamic, interesting and engaging - long on technology and images, and short on formality.  Relax and engage!!


"What a fascinating presentation, that opened up our students' eyes to the world of surveying! It was amazing to see the cutting edge laser technology and computer imagery, while hearing stories of the challenges faced by engineers and surveyors in the wake of the Kaikoura earthquake. The recent graduates who presented related well to our girls, who were introduced to careers using maths, physics and technology that they hadn't previously considered."

Graeme Rogers 

Physics Teacher

Nelson College for Girls

School Programme



Rebecca Strang

General welcome and a quick outline, firstly, of what drew her to surveying and, secondly, what she has done since graduation.



Overview of the Kaikoura Earthquake

John Hannah 

Learn what happened on the Kaikoura earthquake.


The Earthquake Sequence – Severity, and Deformation

Paula Gentle | LINZ

Focus here on the surveyor’s role in using GNSS technology to monitor and assess land deformation and how this feeds into the national reference system.


What Happened to the Harbour and Foreshore?

Liam Jagvik | Eliot Sinclair & Partners

Hydrographic and Foreshore Surveys Using Echosounders, Drones and Other Tricks.


What About the Onshore Infrastructure?

Rhys O’Cain | Downers

Drone Surveys.

Kendall Reid | Wood and Partners

Terrestrial Laser Scanning.



Richard Hemi | University of Otago

Break, quiz and prizes. OU School of Surveying


Spatial Data integration and Visualisation

Kat Salm



Waterview Tunnel

Michael Cutfield | FCC

Data collection, 3-D technologies, etc

Campbell Burrows

Cadastral Issues.


The Unfolding Life of the Typical NZ Surveyor

Dave Robinson | Aurecon

See where a career in surveying can take you, from international work experience, to some of the biggest construction and development projects in New Zealand.


Final Words

Rebecca Strang

A few words of wisdom.

John Hannah 




"Surveying holds so many different opportunities and career pathways. This presentation will show you what some of those paths may look like and how you don’t have to stick to the beaten track.

Looking for a career that will let you travel around the world? From graduation, I spent two years working in the largest open cast coal mine in the world in Central Queensland.

Like working in the construction industry? After working in Australia I moved back to New Zealand and started work on the Christchurch rebuild, assisting in the construction of some of the largest buildings in Christchurch. Want a variety of work? A typical day in the life of a surveyor is not very typical at all, I have monitored huge landslips to keep the public safe, created 3d models of buildings using 3d laser scanners, surveyed through rail tunnels, and worked in some of the most remote areas of the country.

Want to get into Design? After spending a couple years building up skills in surveying I moved onto completing the road, earthworks, and services design for over 300 residential sections in Christchurch.

Like project management? With such a diverse skill set surveyors make excellent project managers. I am now working as a project manager on large developments such as Retirement Villages, commercial buildings and high density residential developments.

So come along and see what a career in surveying might look like and start designing your own path!"

Dave Robinson 

Young Surveyor


Would your school like to participate?

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