We've all experienced changes we couldn’t have imagined in our lives over the past year, and our 2021 conference theme is on-point - we will be drawing on the ability of individuals and teams adapting to change, adversity and setbacks in the current environment. The ‘Building Back Better’ conference program will include presentations on rebuilding and improving the economy, with a focus on resilient mindsets to support our members while they navigate the challenges and changes ahead. By sharing concepts, ideas and knowledge, we all have opportunities to help build back the survey and spatial sector.


4 & 5 AUGUST 2021





Tony Alexander

Tony Alexander has worked as an economist in New Zealand since 1987, initially with Westpac, then a share broking firm before almost 26 years with the BNZ as Chief Economist. He went out on his own late in 2019 and spends considerable time writing about the NZ economy with an emphasis on the housing market and explaining key economic developments in layman’s terms. He is a columnist for the Sunday Star-Times and frequently delivers webinars as well as presentations in person.  

Elisabetta D’Anastasio

Elisabetta is a Geodetic Processing Specialist at GNS Science – Te Pu Ao. Before GNS, she worked at the INGV’s National Earthquake Center (Italy). After a PhD on vertical deformation from geodetic levelling data, she focused on operational geodesy for geohazards monitoring. She oversees the data management and processing of the continuous GNSS network operated in partnership with LINZ. She contributed with geodetic data to the study of large earthquakes, landslides, volcano and slow slips events.

Thomas Gibbons

Thomas is a specialist property and RMA lawyer.  His work covers unit titles, subdivision and development projects, infrastructure issues, Public Works, and resource management matters.  Thomas is the author of Unit Titles Law and Practice, and A Practical Guide to the Land Transfer Act. He has published articles and presented papers at conferences in New Zealand and overseas, and has appeared as an expert witness in the High Court on land development issues.  Thomas is also on the board of Survey & Spatial New Zealand. 



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